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Teach you how to choose false eyelashes

about fake eyelashes
If the makeup industry asked me to vote for the most disobedient makeup steps, I think I will definitely give false eyelashes, and I love and hate the existence of false eyelashes. Love it because it is really good to enlarge the eyes, hate it because it is not the best face to stick to the whole face, the two big brushes flashing and flashing, it is also very awkward, today I will teach you how to choose false eyelashes !

The eyelashes are composed of eyelashes and hair.
Material: There are many kinds of false eyelashes on the market. In addition to the more popular man-made fibers, there are various animal hairs such as horse hair, as well as human hair. Different animal hairs are soft and firm, and the horse hair is relatively stiff. The mane is soft, the fox fur is mostly colored false eyelashes, and there are all kinds of flying bird feathers. This kind of normal stage performance is more expensive, and the price is usually more expensive, and the best makeup is human hair.

In addition to the different materials of the hair, the false eyelashes are also sharpened or sharpened, which is to polish the end of the hair, so that she and the real hair are as sharp as the tip, and the sharpened eyelashes will be more real and refined. This is also the standard for selecting false eyelashes now. Of course, if you are just pursuing big eyes and being god, this small detail can be neglected.

The eyelashes are folded on the stalks of the black cotton thread. The false eyelashes of this weave have good softness, high comfort on the upper eye, and it is not easy to open the glue, but the stem is easily bent and deformed after being torn off, and the recycling rate is low. The black cotton stalk has the effect of eyeliner.

Transparent stem

The eyelashes are folded on a transparent stem similar to the fish line. The makeup is the best. It is easy to cut a bundle of stickers. After tearing off, it can maintain the original curvature. The softness is stronger than the false eyelashes of the cotton stem, but the disadvantage is It is easier to fall off and lift up.

Woven stalk

The eyelashes are arranged in a strip of flat stalks in a single root. It is hard but has a good support and the strongest setting effect.

In general, the choice of cotton thread and transparent stem can be done daily because it is more natural, but if it is easy to edema or swollen eyelids, or wearing eyelids with false eyelashes, the woven stem may be more suitable because of its support. The strongest, and the eyelids are sensitive to the fairy is not suitable for the woven stalk, the end of the eye is easy to poke.

False eyelash type

When selecting false eyelashes, remove the stalks and wool of the false eyelashes mentioned above, as well as the type of eyelashes, curling, length, and type of lower eyelashes.

1. Natural short

Natural and pollution-free style, suitable for any occasion, is a commuter false eyelash, the difference between false eyelashes and true eyelashes is not big, naturally upturned, uneven and orderly, with clear roots.

2. Long section of the middle section (natural length):

It is more prominent than the ultra-short fake eyelashes. It is suitable for soft eyes with a slightly longer eye. It is suitable for daily wear or shooting.

The plastic transparent stem is relatively soft, the upper eye is particularly natural and comfortable, and the upper eye has a natural magnifying effect. It is very god-like and feels like the original long eyelash of the eyelash.

3. Long and thick

This false eyelash is more atmospheric, with a thicker effect. The length of the eyelashes is patchy, but the gas field will be stronger, suitable for formal occasions.

4. Thick money

It is the thickest and thickest of the above eyebrow styles. The thick and thick false eyelashes can highlight the contour of the eye and are suitable for heavy makeup.

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