Do you know what mascara is the most important tool for wearing false eyelashes?

What do you think is the most important thing in beautiful eyelashes? Artificial eyelashes? Tweezers? Or?
Category of glue
From the chemical properties of eyelash glue
Glue can be divided into "chemical black glue" and "water-borne glue" according to its chemical properties.
"Chemical black glue" is more sticky, and even has silk hanging phenomenon. The degree of freshness of grafting is not "water-based glue". After grafting, it becomes hard. Therefore, "water-based glue" is more popular than "chemical black glue".
/ Air-drying speed from glue/
The speed of glue drying can be divided into slow drying, medium drying, and fast drying.
Slow drying speed is generally about 10 seconds, more suitable for novice grafting.
Medium drying speed is generally 3 to 5 seconds, which is more popular with eyelash teachers.
Quick drying speed is relatively fast, normal within 3 seconds, requires fast grafting speed, skilled operation.
/ From the smell of glue/
Glue can also be divided into the gum and tasteless gum according to odor.
Tasteless glue, also known as anti-sensitive glue, has a very small odor and is suitable for people with sensitive eyes to graft. The glue lasts for a relatively short period of time from 15 to 20 days.
The gummy glue lasts longer than the odorless glue because it contains a higher resin content and stronger adhesion.
Limit of use of glue
The general principle of using glue is "keep it open for about 3 months" and "replace it 30 days after opening".
Opening glue, after a period of time, will become viscous glue, grafting will tow, and hardening speed will slow down, once the phenomenon of towing, should be replaced immediately.
Often encounter glue is not easy to use at the beginning after opening. The reason is that the cap is not tightened and the glue at the mouth of the bottle is not cleaned. Glue reacts with trace moisture in the air, so be careful when preserving it.
It is suggested that after the glue is opened, tighten the cap of the bottle and put it in a sealed bag, or put it upside down in a refrigerator or in a sealed tank filled with rice.

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