Eyelash function

Unlike the biological functions of animals for survival, hair is more inclined to be beautiful, spiritual, and sexual. Especially eyelashes, unlike animals, human eyelashes have the following functions:

First, the role of protection. Eyelashes can prevent sweat, dust and other substances from entering the eyes. When we have more water, sweat will enter our eyes along the eyes, but our eyes have thick eyelashes, and the eyelashes keep the sweat out of the eyes so that the sweat can't enter the eyes; When it is windy, dust and some small debris can easily enter our eyes, but our eyelashes can easily block most of the debris outside the eyes.

Second, the decorative role. It can make the eyes big and agile, and now women are paying more and more attention to the makeup of the eyes, where the eyelashes are the finishing touch of the eyes.

Third, the role of perception. To convey the effect of touch or pain, the eyelashes are a sensory organ of the human body, functioning to sense things and convey information.

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