How to make eyelashes long 7 natural methods

With short eyelashes, the girl looks incomplete. Eyelashes are a very important part of the eye. Girls like to have beautiful long eyelashes to make an attractive look. Most girls dream of having a log eyelash that looks beautiful in a dramatic way. The question is how can you get long lashes naturally. Girls always want to make their eyelashes beautiful, stand up, for which they try different things, or how to lengthen the eyelashes.

If you have short eyelashes then you have to grow. You can naturally use your natural way to make your incredible long eyelashes. Longer eyelashes are not a difficult task. Understand these secrets, long eyelashes are natural.

How to keep your eyelashes longer

Soft brush mascara

Look for an old mascara brush and wash it clearly. It would be better if you use warm water, as this may be a bit confusing, so it's best to use warm water. You can also find new brushes in the cosmetics store. Their good quality makeup tools and cosmetics.
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How to make eyelashes long 7 natural methods
Proper care of your eyelashes

Let the beautiful long eyelashes, this is the key to taking care of your eyes and making it beautiful. If you try a lot of methods with long eyelashes but don't let your eyes clean, then you can't get the desired results. Polish your eyes and put your makeup before going to bed.
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How to make eyelashes long 7 natural methods
Combing your eyelashes

It looks creepy but combing your eyelashes can give you great results. It can help you brush your eyelashes, which is a very easy way to make your eyelashes straight and longer. Com your eyelashes, you will often get the expected results very beautiful.
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How to make eyelashes long 7 natural methods
Put the oil on the eyelashes

In this way, you can get longer eyelashes in 7 days. Putting oil in your eyelashes will help you develop your eyelashes. Place castor oil, coconut oil or olive oil before going to bed every night. Apply mascara brush oil to your eyelashes. Put this important thing in your mind and put oil from your eyelash base. The faucet's eyelashes are removed extra and kept throughout the night. This is to get a real long eyelash in 7 days.

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How to make eyelashes long 7 natural methods
Apply Vaseline

You can also use Vaseline or Vaseline eyelashes. This is also good for 7 days long eyelashes. This is a very old and true trick, a real work. It is very simple to apply Vaseline soft finger or brush mascara on your base's eyelashes. You can use a cotton swab.

How to make eyelashes long 7 natural methods
Apply lip balm
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Jade can also use lipstick on your eyelashes. This is also a better and thicker eyelash. You can also curl your eyelashes in this way. Flavored lipstick can give you the best results. This is an easy trick. So don't waste your time, let this long, thick eyelashes pass this simple movement.


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