how to make your eyelashes grow

1. Apply olive oil to moisturize the eyelashes

  Pure olive oil has the function of nourishing hair, so it can also help the eyelashes, but it is easy to grow fat when used improperly. It is better to use the old mascara tube.

2. Apply the remaining overnight tea

Before going to bed, use the overnight tea bag or the cotton pad soaked overnight with a cotton pad to apply the eye. The pinkbaby eyelash element can grow the eyelashes. Some people recommend green tea, but which kind of tea should be

3. Apply Vaseline

It is recommended to use Vaseline or Vaseline hand cream to also promote eyelashes.

4. Properly trim the eyelash tip

Some people say that the eyelashes are cut off, and later they will grow longer than before, but the effect of this method varies from person to person, and the effect on children may be better. Adults should not try it casually.

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