3D No Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner Kit, 7 Pairs Pack Reusable Lashes Natural Look, 2 Waterproof Eyeliners with Tweezers, Without Magnets Wear More Comfortable, Light Glue Eye Liner

$21.98 $38.98
Product Information:
Model: M7-1B
Country: Made In China

Package Including:
7 Pairs Eyelashes
2 Tubes Of Eyeliner
1 Pcs Tweezer

Product Description:
Magic Lashes & Eyeliner Design: GXO BEAUTY's latest magic lashes designed without magnets and no extra glue need. So, We are no need to endure the uncomfortable feeling caused by large magnets and don’t have to worry about the safety hazards caused by the tiny magnet molecules in the magnetic eyeliner, with this kit, We can wear eyelashes more safely and comfortably
Light Glue Eyeliner: These 2 pairs of eyeliner pen kit using a new light glue design makes the magic lashes can attach more tightly. The light glue design has excellent waterproof & sweatproof performance and not easy to bloom. Besides, It's also as easy to remove as magnetic eyeliner
Quick-dry & Long-lasting: Our magic eyeliners using pen tips design is easy to draw and the liner only needs 2 seconds to dry out. Save your precious time. At the same time, it no needs to apply several layers of eyeliner, 1 or 2-layer is enough to secure hold 24h
7 Pairs Natural Eyelashes: These 3D natural false eyelashes style design will bring you a naturally glamorous look. 100% handmade by the old craftsman to make sure the quality of each pair of the lash, so,1 pair of our lash can use at least 15 times with your proper care
Easy to Use: Only need 3 steps to wear the lashes kit, [ 1 ]. Make sure the tips down and shake the eyeliner about 20 times.  [ 2 ]. Apply the eyeliner along your eyelid. [ 3 ]. Put the lashes on the eyeliner. That's all, so easy even for beginners Easy to Remove: [ 1 ].  Take off the lashes. [ 2 ]. Put the cleaning oil or remover gel onto cleaning cotton. [ 3 ]. Use cleaning cotton to wipe the eyeliner about 3-4 times till the eye line is off. [ 4 ]. Wash your face with warm water