Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner Kit- 3D Natural Magnet Lashes & Long Lasting Eye Liner, Reusable False Lash Set with Free Scissors/Tweezers/Brush & Makeup Remover Gel…

  • 【Value Magnetic Eyelash with Eyeliner Set】This lashes kit is more complete than any other magnetic eyelashes set. It contains 1 pair of eyelashes, 1 tube eyeliner, 1 tube makeup remover gel, 3 accessories (scissors, tweezer, brush), and a mirror box. The product combination is very convenient and reasonable. It can not only meet your all needs but also can be carried with you. Let your makeup anytime, anywhere.
  • 【Perfect Design Lashes】These magnetic eyelashes are multiple layers to create a natural fluffy 3D effect. It is plumper than the traditional three-in-one three-dimensional lashes. Reject rigid synthetic eyelashes. It has 6 ultra-thin strong magnets and made of Grade A synthetic fiber, which is not easy to be deformed and can maintain charming curling feeling for a long time.
  • 【Upgraded Magnetic Eyeliner】In order to solve the problem that lashes are easy to fall off, this eyeliner adds more magnetic particles and polishes these particles to be smaller, just like molecules. This not only makes the eyeliner more magnetic but also makes the liquid smoother. More importantly, the quick-drying formula is also added, which is non-sticky and more comfortable to use than other magnetic eyeliner
  • 【Suitable for Novices】Our accessories can help you solve all the problems in the wearing process. No special skills or makeup artist needed. Especially suitable for novices. Scissors can help you trim lashes, making them more suitable for different eye shapes. Gently comb the natural eyelashes with a brush before wearing them to make the makeup more delicate. Tweezers can protect false eyelashes during use, avoid smudging eye makeup
  • 【Specialized Makeup Remover Gel】Many users of false eyelashes complain about the difficulty of removing eyeliner. GXO BEAUTY noticed this and added a special eye makeup remover gel to the set. This refreshing and oil-free one instantly wipes away all traces of eye makeup and liquid eyeliner without leaving a greasy residue. Cool, mild, no irritating substances, no need to rub hard, giving you an unexpected comfortable and convenient experience