GXO BEAUTY Without Magnets & Magnetic, Eyelashes with Eyeliner Kit, 7 Pairs Premium 3D Natural Look Faux Mink Lashes, 2 Tubes of Waterproof Eyeliners and Tweezers Applicator

Product Information:
Model: M7-1A
Country: Made In China

Package Including:
7 Pairs Eyelashes
2 Tubes Of Eyeliner
1 Pcs Tweezer

Product Description:
7 Pairs Pack Magic Lashes: Our false lashes no 5 big magnets block on the lashes band, the eyelashes and eyeliner used the newest light glue technique, no heavy magnets, lightweight & wear more comfortable, eyes no burden. No magnetism, safer for eye skin
Luxurious Magic Eyeliner -- 2 tubes of luxurious magic eyeliner are made of magnetic molecules and light glue. No need for extra glue need, this eyeliner can draw a beautiful eye line easily and makes the lashes connect tightly like use normal lashes glue. It's so beautiful and useful
Wonderful Features: This reusable eyeliner and lashes contain light glue which not too sticky like traditional glue, so, just as magnetic eyeliner, it's so easy to remover by remover gel or cleaning oil. With this kit and you are no need to buy additional glue and your eyes skin will out of magnets stress
Easy to Use & Long Lasting: The light glue eyeliner contains glue ingredient, attaching more tightly than magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner, it can avoid the embarrassment that the magnetic lashes fall off on important occasions. It's waterproof and smudge-proof and easy to use, you can wear it well within 20 seconds!
100% Cruelty-free: Our all lashes are proudly 100% cruelty-free, we use the top quality Synthetic Silk and cotton to make this excellent magnetic eyelash instead of the real mink hair and other animals hair. we strongly against any kind of animal cruelty