Reusable Quartz Drinking Straw Set, 2Pcs Crystal Healing Straws, 100 Natural Crystals - Amethyst, White Quartz

$79 $100
•  💎 PROMOTE HEALING AND WELLNESS - Feed your soul with the positive vibrations of crystal-infused water with this crystal straw by GXO BEAUTY! The beneficial nature of gemstones provides healing and harmony from the inside out;
•  💎 ENJOY A CRYSTAL ENERGY ON THE STARW - We provide 2 pcs pure natural crystals that are full of positive energy. You’ll get two straws –  Amethyst straw for calms and protects, while Clear Quartz straw for reenergizes and cleanses. Nice to your own use or as an excellent gift for your lover;
•  💎 HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS - Reusable crystal healing straw is made from transparent quartz + 100% natural crystal, BPA-free and eco-friendly. The straw has good light transmission, not easy to break and may accompany you for a lifetime because it will never go to turn broken or rusty;
•  💎 TRAVEL FRIENDLY - Packaging an exquisite box to hold your precious crystal straws. Besides, we provide a handy grey velvet carrying bag. The bag cinches closed so they won't spill out. You can use them at home, work, or carry them in your handbag for use on the go!
•  💎 NOTES OF NATURAL CRYSTAL - [1]. The surface of the natural crystal is smooth, but the inherent patterns, pits, and impurities cannot be changed by humans. [2]. It is normal that slight chromatic aberrations will appear due to the difference in shooting and lighting [3]. Hand polished, there may be slight errors in the size, we will try to minimize the error. Customers who are pursuing perfection, please consider carefully before buying;